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John and Anna

Born in the heart of the Lowcountry, we're dedicated to crafting products that are as safe as they are delightful.

Welcome to Lowcountry Littles! Our family owned company is a lifestyle baby products brand born in the heart of the Lowcountry in Charleston, SC. Our lifestyle focuses on creating premium, nontoxic, sustainable mealtime products that reflect the Lowcountry’s color and charm. As parents we are blessed to eat, sleep, and breathe babies. It’s challenging, it’s beautiful, and it’s unpredictable. But, it's a gift and we are given the responsibility of making our children's lives better than our own. Since we were tired of cheap products with bland coloring, we started our own brand to create premium nontoxic options for parents. Your child is worth the best, so that’s what we offer you.

Our signature launch, the Palmetto Pouch, came from a period of helplessness during our first year as parents. While our child struggled with baby-led weaning for months, we found that one of the few things he would eat was pureed food, especially from pouches. After we found out that over 2 billion disposable puree pouches are purchased annually we knew we were not alone. However, we also had a sinking feeling about all the sugar, toxic materials, and wasteful consumption going on. In an effort to find a nontoxic sustainable alternative, we created our own Palmetto Pouch out of food-grade silicone, free from any toxic materials. We know this is just the beginning and look forward to creating nontoxic mealtime products for years to come. Thank you for your support, and know of our love from the Lowcountry!

John and Anna
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Words from Our Happy Families

Absolutely love this baby food pouch! It's incredibly easy to clean and reuse, making feeding time a breeze.

Jessica G.

The Palmetto Pouch is a game changer for busy parents! Its leak-proof design and beautiful colors make feeding on the go a joy. Highly recommend!

Emily P.

My wife can't get enough of these! The Palmetto Pouch hits the grand slam of reusable, easy to clean, nontoxic, and durable. Well done!

Michael H.